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Witchball by Kathleen Coddington

Whew! I've just been crankin' out the reviews, haven't I? Keeps me busy though, and it's a good busy, so I'm not complaining! Witchball was a fun read, and I definately recommend it, for your shelf...err...electronic shelf, I suppose, since it's an e-book. :-)

Witch Ball
Kathleen Coddington

Cerridwen Press
August 2007
201 pages
Paranormal Romance

One night, way back in 1707, in Lady’s Cove, Maine, Miranda, as the high priestess is heading out to the altar to perform a ritual of protection. However, upon arriving, she finds herself being entrapped in a witch ball by an evil and dark spell. The one who cast the spell, cast it out of jealousy, in order to become high priestess, and in order to have Miranda’s soon to be husband, Nathaniel. As the spell is taking over, Miranda finds out that she may be trapped there for all eternity…

Present Day: Nathaniel Swann finds himself moving into a new house with his daughter Caitlin, in Lady’s Cove, 9 months after his wife, her mother’s death. The same day as their arrival, Nathanial and Caitlin stop inside a little store, and Caitlin is instantly captured by the witch balls on display. Upon, encouragement from Dad to buy one, Caitlin picks the oddest one of all: the one hanging above the register, on display. As Nathaniel is trying to rinse off the dust, in order to hang the witch ball, he drops it. Upon dropping it, there is a flash of white light, and what remains is a woman…

The woman is Miranda, and it is now up to her to convince Nathaniel that they are soul mates, and that he truly does know who she is. But Nathaniel is all about cold hard facts. With Caitlin’s help, Miranda can convince Nathanial that she is who she says, and the can move on…together.

Kathleen Coddington writes one witchy novel! Miranda and Nathaniel were very well developed, and Nathaniel had the exact reactions and suspicions, you would expect any man like him to have, placed in his situation. And where Nathanial is suspicious and rash, Miranda is his exact counter-part, being kind and understanding. The storyline was continuous, as well as perfectly resolved at the end. Kathleen Coddington really knows how to create a paranormal atmosphere, while keeping the reader tied into reality!

--Denise Kivett
PNR Reviews
October 18, 2007

*Heat Rating:2- Cupid’s Passion Arrow
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Violence Rating: *2- Blunt-Tipped Arrow
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Official Blurb:

Their love was eternal. Until forbidden magic threatened to tear them apart forever.

When Nathaniel Swann and his daughter move to the small town of Lady's Cove, Maine, the last thing he expects is the beautiful woman who appears in his kitchen after he accidentally breaks a witch ball, a housewarming gift from his neighbor. A hardheaded scientist, he refuses to believe the woman's fantastic tale of magical spells, eternal love and reincarnation.

Released after being imprisoned for three hundred years in the witch ball, Miranda Hawthorne is reunited with the man she is destined to be with throughout time. Her joy is short-lived when she discovers that Nathaniel no longer remembers her or their love. How can she convince him to help her to break the witch ball's lingering spell before the bond between them is severed for all eternity?

And in the house next door the priestess responsible for the witch ball's spell plots to prevent them from discovering the secret that will set Miranda completely free.

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