Monday, February 25, 2008

Nuit Aux Trois by Melinda Barron

Whew! I'm crankin out the reviews today! This is my second review for Resplendence Publishing, and I'm feeling like taking on another one! :-) Melinda Barron has done a fantastic job with Nuit Aux Trois, and I hope that my review comes across just as well to get some of you readers interested!


Nuit Aux Trois
Melinda Barron

Resplendence Publishing, LLC.
October 2007
51 pages
Erotic Romance, Paranormal

Quinn, Dev, and Fletch are the perfect roommates. They get along just great, especially Dev and Fletch, who are a match made in heaven. However, the longer Quinn lives with the two guys, the more sexually frustrated she becomes, but Quinn knows that she is miss-reading their signals and is just lonely…right?

Quinn recently got passed up for a job opening at her TV Station, because she’s not a size two. So, she takes two weeks vacation time to go ghost hunting with the guys. After all, she’s a skeptic, and it’s their job, what’s the harm?

However, a lot can happen in an old haunted plantation house. Things definitely begin to sizzle between Quinn, Dev, and Fletch, but will Quinn accept their offer of love and so much more. After all, she’s wanted it too, or is it all just a bit too much?

Nuit Aux Trois has just the right amount of erotica, romance, and paranormal. I absolutely loved how well Nuit Aux Trois ebbed and flowed. Melinda Barron has done an amazing job writing Nuit Aux Trois. Her characters are exceptionally crafted as well. Everything about Melinda Barron's writing is very realistic. You'll feel as if you've stepped into Dev, Quinn, and Fletch's world!

-Denise Kivett
Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *4- Cupid's Aphrodisiac
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Violence Rating: *3- Steel Arrow
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Official Blurb:
Quinn’s two roommates, lovers Fletcher Covair and Devlin St. Giles, have the perfect idea: Quinn will accompany them on a Halloween ghost hunt at a haunted plantation. Quinn agrees, knowing there’s no such thing as ghosts and thinking the time away will give her time to assess her future job prospects, and if nothing else, a chance to relax.

But the plantation’s resident ghost, Alison, has other ideas. She wants help in righting a long-time wrong, and it seems that the ghost has chosen Quinn, Dev, and Fletch to assist her. While Quinn’s mind is reeling from the knowledge that there are really ghosts, she comes to another shocking realization: Dev and Fletch have more on their minds than ghost hunting, and Alison isn’t the only restless spirit who wants to make contact.

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Happy Reading!


Anonymous said...

Melinda Barron is an awesome writer and one of my favorite authors ever!!!


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