Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lady Luck by Audra and Stella Price

Hey everyone! Here's my review for Lady Luck by the Price Sisters! It was a fantastic read, and you HAVE to check it out! :-) I e-mailed the ladies to let them know I had the review done, and also, that I would be posting it live, today. And they said that, Lady Luck is one of their most over-looked works, because of the anthology it's in. I couldn't believe it! I actually have not got a chance to read the rest of the anthology; I just wanted to crank out the review for Lady Luck! :-) Anyways, I highly recommend trying Lady Luck out. As it's in an Anthology, it's shorter than the average novel, and if you're wanting to give the Price Sister's a try, this is absolutely perfect! :-) Enjoy the review!

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Lady Luck(part of the Phaze Fantasies Vol II antholog)
Stella and Audra Price
Phaze Publishing
ISBN: 1-59426-530-5
eBook (coming in print February 2008)
220 pages
Paranormal/Erotic romance

Nina is one of the hottest strippers in Vegas, and boy does she know it! But lately one of her audience members has been catching her eye, and he has Nina’s fantasies spinning out of control. She’s afraid of over-stepping that line between work and play, but she just can’t resist him. So one night she confronts the mysterious stranger, and he is just as interested in Nina as she is in him. But as it turns out, Jake has more in mind than just Nina’s hot body; she’s a Jenai, and is bound to bring luck to any man. As it just so happens, Jake is a gambling man as well as a demon…

Between these two in Sin City, and their hot, hot, hot relationship, you won’t be able to stop reading Lady Luck! The Price Sisters have crafted amazing characters with a strong storyline. Even with Jake being a demon and Nina being a Jenai, you’ll be captivated and find the story to be very realistic. And as this is part of an anthology, and thus a novella, the story is resolved at the end, and fully developed throughout. You’ll find yourself wanting to read more of the Price Sisters!

--Denise Kivett
Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *4- Cupid's Aphrodisiac
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Violence Rating: *1- Suction Cup Arrow
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Official Blurb:
Behind every great man, there’s a woman. Men that sit in seats of inscrutable power often have the women in their lives to thank for the privilege, and these women are a force unto themselves. As Jenai, a race of Female Genies, these women bring luck and good fortune to the men in their lives. Once such Woman is Nina Skye, a stripper. When she meets Jake, a sexy down on his luck grifter and Opacus,a bargained shadow demon, the attractions fly. Jake is beyond attracted to the sexy stripper, the exact woman he had been going to see dance for a month straight. Little does he know this woman is about to make all his wishes come true. She agrees to help him seek his fortune. The Venue? The pit floor at the MGM grand. The game? the international poker championship.

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Mandy Leigh B. said...

Great review Dee!! This sounds awesome! Now that I've read the stories about a Djinn (the male version of Jenai) in Wishes, Glamour, and Gifts, I'm definitely going to have to read this one!