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Eyes of the Dead by Aleka Nakis

I don't know what else to say about Aleka Nakis except that she is AWESOME! Not only was I lucky enough to get to read and review The Greek Rule, but after reading Eyes of the Dead, she is definitely on my list of authors to keep an eye on. Her books are filled with such beautiful imagery, you have no problem imagining the exotic locations she uses as her settings. And the wonderful thing about purchasing Eyes of the Dead (besides getting a fantastic read) is that thanks to Aleka Nakis and Resplendence Publishing, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Talk about a fabulous way to help find a cure for breast cancer!

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Eyes of the Dead
Aleka Nakis
Resplendence Publishing
Available Now
Paranormal Romance

Tiffany Jensen is determined to continue the research her late professor started before he was murdered. Not just to honor her mentor, but because the research holds possibilities that could help eradicate breast cancer, the disease that killed her mother. Unfortunately, the key to this research is a plant only found in a certain part of the jungle- in South America. The unfortunate part is that after the professor’s murder, she has been denied permission to collect the plant specimens that never made it to the United States. So Tiffany is taking a “vacation” and posing as a tourist interested in exploring the Mayan Jungle. She doesn’t even know if she will be able to find the plants, or even smuggle them back into her country- but she can’t give up on the cure when she is so close.

Agent Antonio Francisco Fernandez knows all about Tiffany Jensen and what she has come to South America in search of. In fact, it’s his job to get her to return home before she even sets foot in the jungle. But he soon finds that she will do anything to get what she came for, including putting herself into a danger she can’t even conceive of. It’s up to him to either to get her to go home now, or get her in and out of the jungle- preferably alive.

Eyes of the Dead is a suspense-filled romance with a touch of the supernatural, perfect to satisfy all your romantic cravings. Aleka Nakis will stun you with her unbelievable talent of pulling you into the story and painting the setting with perfect detail. In Eyes of the Dead, venture into the jungle with exotic plant-life, mysterious and deadly creatures, and beautiful landmarks you can picture with ease. The characters are extremely well-developed, and pack a big punch in a small number of pages. Tiffany is a sweet, determined woman who will sacrifice everything, even her life, in order to help cure a terrible disease. Antonio is a gorgeous, strong hero, and from the very beginning, you will be cheering for a happily ever after between he and Tiffany. Eyes of the Dead is a romantic adventure that will have you wanting more of Aleka Nakis!

-Mandy Briggs
Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *3- Cupid's Ardor Arrow
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Violence Rating: *3- Steel Arrow
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Official Blurb:
What would you endure to find the cure for the disease that killed your mother? Exposure to venomous snakes? Raging rapids without a life jacket? Drug lords who dab in sex trafficking?
Would you relinquish control and trust your life in a dead man’s hands?
Tiffany Jensen, a young breast cancer researcher, confronts her greatest fear and flies on a plane to a foreign country alone. Venturing into the dangerous terrain of the Mayan jungle, she is willing to do just about anything for the cure.
Antonio Francisco Fernandez, aka Agent AFFCROC, is open to only one possibility: getting Tiffany out of his territory and safely back to the States. Will his insistence deny her success, or struggling to find her way, will she come face to face with the eyes of the dead?

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