Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday Nectar by A.J. Hampton

Boy have we got some great info for you romance lovers! Not just about a fantastic new author, A.J. Hampton, but a fabulous new publisher, Cacoethes Publishing! Not only do they have great books, a beautiful site, and gorgeous book covers, but through the 15th of December, all their available books are 50% off! That makes Holiday Nectar only two dollars!! Definitely stop by the Cacoethes Publishing site, take advantage of the best eBook sale ever, and grap a couple of free stories by A.J. Hampton and other authors- they're under the Horror section!

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Holiday Nectar
A.J. Hampton

Cacoethes Publishing
Available Now
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Holiday- Christmas

Aidan O’Connor is the type of guy who can get any woman he wants- and he does. That is, until he meets Ashlynn Reynolds. She knows his type, and is not about to fall for someone who she knows will break her heart. But after months of working with Aidan, Ashlynn finds it harder and harder to turn his advances away. The truth is, she genuinely likes him, and would definitely give in to him if it weren’t for the heartache that would inevitably follow. But when the office Christmas party brings them together in a relaxed atmosphere where spirits are high and inhibitions are low, will she finally let him make good on the promise in his heated gaze?

Holiday Nectar is a charming contemporary Christmas read that is a whole lot of fun! A.J. Hampton has created a fierce emotional and sexual connection between the hero and heroine that won't fail to catch your attention! Ashlynn and Aidan are both strong characters with a lot of personality, and the supporting cast of co-workers really added a lot to the story with their antics and attempts at pushing these two together. Even though the characters have known each other for months, you can feel the attraction even more strongly than a first encounter, and the author definitely gets though to the reader the feelings that have built up over that period of time. This makes the story and relationship between Ashlynn and Aidan much more realistic, and I loved that A.J. Hampton created an even deeper romance by not rushing their relationship. Holiday Nectar is a Christmas treat you can’t help but devour!

-Mandy Briggs
Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *4- Cupid's Aphrodisiac
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Violence Rating: *1- Suction Cup Arrow
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Official Blurb:
Ashlynn Reynolds has spent months trying to resist her oh so sexy co-worker Aidan O'Connor. It's Christmas time and it seems this years holiday party has a lot more in store than just mistletoe!

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Happy Reading!

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Denise said...

This sounds cute! I know, weird word for a book, but it sounds good, too! lol.