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WyndRiver Sinner by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Charlotte Boyett-Compo has given us the great honor of reviewing a TON of her novels, and we couldn't be more excited! After reading my first Reaper novel, WyndRiver Sinner, I could seriously stay in bed for days, reading book after book of hers. I loved this book, and I know you will too! Check out my review, watch the trailer on the Western Wind series, and pick up a copy of WyndRiver Sinner for yourself!!

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WyndRiver Sinner
Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Ellora's Cave
ISBN #1-4199-0340-3
152 Pages

People run and hide when Cynyr Cree comes to town. Is he a murderer? Yes. Is he a villain? No. He is a Reaper, and it’s his job to hunt and kill rogues, who murder and pillage without conscience. It’s a lonely existence, but one he’s used to.

Aingeal is little more than property. At least that’s how she’s been treated. After her husband annuls their marriage and sells her to a Jakotai brave for little more than a few horses, she is at the pitiless brave’s mercy. But no longer- she has once again run away from his cruel treatment, even though she knows he won’t stop until he gets her back. But being a woman alone on Terra and its unforgiving terrain is no easy feat. After being found by an unsavory man in an alley, he proceeds to assault her and is intent on raping her.

Enter Cynyr: he has little patience for a man who would hurt a woman. He quickly takes out his silver-handled laser whip, eradicates the assailant, and continues on his way out of town, leaving the woman to her business. But the woman, Aingeal, follows him to his camp and makes herself known after spying the meat roasting on the spit. After becoming acquainted with her, he is horrified at the story she has to tell, and offers his protection from her pursuers.

Cynyr is astonished as he quickly begins to feel a connection to this scrap of a woman who shows no fear for a Reaper. Aingeal finds herself drawn to the man who is the first male to treat her as a person, and not property to be claimed and bartered. When Cynyr does claim her, it’s as his mate, and he refuses to let anything separate her from him. While Cynyr protects her life, it’s Aingeal that saves his soul…

Charlotte Boyett-Compo has written a thrilling futuristic paranormal in a western setting, and yee-haw, it is a perfect union! The unforgiving, harsh landscape in WyndRiver Sinner makes the perfect background for a fabulous, original story. You don’t have to have read the author’s previous Reaper stories to enjoy this one, because new readers will be introduced to everything Reaper: what they are, how they are made, and what it entails. But that doesn’t mean fans of the stories will be bored! Boyett-Compo writes in such a way that the explainations are a natural part of the story, and don’t seem like explanations in the least. You will love this story of haunting pasts, and the healing that unconditional love brings. WyndRiver Sinner opens up the Western Wind Series with a bang. Or should I say crack, of the Reaper’s whip…

Heat Rating: *4- Cupid's Aphrodisiac Arrow
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Violence rating: *4- Fire Arrow
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Rogues and Romance

Official Blurb:
In the year 3478, Reaper Cynyr Cree has been sent to the western territories by the High Council as their executioner in taking out rogues. He's hot, tired, dusty and not in the best of moods when he happens upon a young woman being attacked. Dispatching the assailant with a careless flick of his laser whip, Cynyr doesn't give the woman a second thought until she follows him to his camp in search of food and protection.

Sold by her ex-husband for a brace of horses, Aingeal has known the hardships of being the property of a Jakotai brave intent on keeping her at all costs and she has run away. Being rescued by an infamous Reaper seems the only way she can escape her captivity and she's willing to do what it takes to stay with Cree.

Taking lives comes easy to Cynyr. Living one is another matter. Always keeping his distance from others, he is stunned to realize he doesn't want to let Aingeal leave him.

When a man named Cynyr decides to make a woman named Aingeal his own, no man will ever take her from him.

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I am truly honored at this wonderful review of my novel. Thank you so much. I am thrilled that you enjoyed it and embraced the characters so lovingly. I am very proud to put a portion of the review up on WyndRiver Sinner's reviews page! Thank you, thank you, thank you!