Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Twilight's Kiss by Marly Mathews

Hi everyone! I'm so happy to share with you a fabulous new-to-me author: Marly Mathews. She writes fantastic paranormal and historical novels, and I was lucky enough to get to review Twilight's Kiss. It's not often you will find a book about a vampire and a faerie falling in love, and I know you'll love this one! Be sure to keep an eye out for her first futuristic romance, Doorway to the Stars, coming soon!

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Twilight's Kiss
Marly Mathews
The Wild Rose Press
eBook and Print
289 Pages
Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Sean Sutherland has just about given up all hope of being released from his curse. Too long has he been doomed to remain a vampire, with no sign of the woman who is destined to save him. When a romance novelist is scheduled to make an appearance in his town, he is less than ecstatic. But what he doesn’t expect is that the romance novelist is the daytime persona of Bridget Sinclair, a Fey princess and trained Huntress of Hell.

Bridget knows there’s a reason she has been assigned to the small village, and while she doesn’t know much about Sean Sutherland, she knows he’s a vampire. And that’s all a Huntress of Hell needs to know! But as she starts to get to know Sean more and more, she finds herself attracted to him- both physically and emotionally. But a Huntress of Hell is supposed to kill vampires, not fall in love with them! It’s up to Sean, and a lot of his loyal friends, to convince Bridget that she is the key to unlocking his curse. But it’s up to HER to figure out exactly how to break the curse!

Twilight’s Kiss is a delightful novel that is the perfect blend of darkness and light. Marly Mathews creates an endearing supporting cast of characters that you will love just as much as the hero and heroine. But the hero and heroine definitely hold their own, and you find yourself becoming more and more attached to them with every turn of the page. You'll desperately want a happy ending for Sean and Bridget, so much you just want to jump in and wring their necks until they confess their love for each other! Marly Mathews has written a fantastic paranormal with animated characters, a suspenseful plot, and one emotional love story! In Twilight’s Kiss, see what happens when a vampire and a Faerie princess fall in love- it’s nothing short of magical!

Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *2- Cupid's Passion Arrow

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Violence Rating: *3- Steel Arrow

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Official Blurb:
Born of Fey Royalty, Princess Bridget Sinclair is a romance novelist by day. By night, she's known as A Huntress of Hell.
Sean Sutherland is a man doomed for eternity. His inner turmoil eats away at him every day. Living the life of a vampire certainly does not sit well for him. Yet, his salvation looms on the horizon, as long as his savior does not slay him instead of freeing him from his curse. His salvation comes in the form of Bridget Sinclair.
Bridget's faerie magic and light will bring the dawn back into Sean's world, banishing the dark and restoring his soul.

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