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Falcon Hunter by Shonna Brannon

Here you go everyone! The first review for R&R! Shonna Brannon has been absolutely fantastic. She has a great blog as well! We have chatted a little bit back and forth about the blog, and she recommends, if you like Falcon Hunter, then try The Spirit Within. Don't forget to check out the links at the end of the post either. And definitely check out Falcon Hunter, it was a fantastic read!

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Publisher: Cobblestone Press
Release date: July 27, 2007
ISBN: 978-1-60088-156-5
Format: E-book
Length: Novella, 112 pages
Genre: Shifter

Christina Rainwater, is a healer for Native American tribe. Yet, because she’s not full-blooded Native American, many in her tribe won’t accept her. However, Falcon Hunter, a falcon who has come to visit Christina since she was sixteen years old, hates that his people won’t accept her. Hunter, a falcon-shifter believes that Christina is a reincarnation of his wife who has passed on, but will he risk everything to show her who he truly is? Christina, has no idea who the falcon is, or why he has taken up with her, but he’s everywhere she is. Every time she looks into his eyes, she feels a deep connection, and she knows that she would feel lost without him…
Then one day, as Christina is helping out her Grandmother, Spring Rain, she loses her balance on a ladder, from out of nowhere, strong bronze arms swoop down, and lower her to the ground. Yet, when Christina glances back up, the only one around her is the falcon. At first, she thinks it’s the falcon, but that’s a crazy, or is it?
But Falcon is at a crossroads. Christina is in her seventh reincarnation, and it’s now or never, if he wants to be with her forever. But, since Christina sees Falcon as just that, a falcon, she’s carrying on with her life, as any woman in her 20’s would, seeing other men and working. It pains Falcon to see her with another man, and it pains him even more knowing that if he doesn’t do something soon, he’ll never be able to be with her EVER again…

This was a fantastic read! Brannon does a great job, of infusing Native American culture into this shifter novella. I really enjoyed how since Christina was in her seventh reincarnation, she brought back repressed memories through dreams. You’ll find yourself rooting for Christina and Falcon Hunter throughout the entire story! At some points, the storyline does seem rushed, but looking back, no major plot lines or the ending were affected because of it. Falcon Hunter is a roller-coaster of a story; you’ll be gasping, and wondering if they’ll pull through, and then smiling when it’s all said and done, over and over. The storyline was very smooth, and I loved the way Brannon showed the different viewpoints of each of the characters, even if the same portion of the story was taking place. I loved every minute reading it!
There are some short, highly charged sex/sex-related scenes, but nothing to lead you away from the main storyline.

--Denise Kivett
PNR Reviews
September 4, 2007

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