Monday, October 15, 2007

Breaking Bonds by Devyn Quinn

This is the third and final review I was able to finish over my fall break. Not too shabby for 4 days! Breaking Bonds was definately a great read, and (again) a new aspect of writing for me! I definately recommend this one as well! :-)

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Breaking Bonds
Devyn Quinn

Mojocastle Press, LLC
173 pages

Darci and Trina are living in the 22nd century, where they catalogue rare items that are no longer common: paperback books, magazines, handheld computers, et cetera. Things such as cosmetics are rare, and withheld from lower classes, and everything has moved into the digital/electronic age. Everyone is also living underground in a society where people are genetically developed in labs, and to become pregnant, you must obtain a license. Things are dramatically different from the world we live in now. Above ground you will only find a world that is diseased and famished from nuclear fallout. But there’s more to Darci and Trina, who have been best friends, and now lovers, their whole lives. They are both smugglers, and in this day and age that is a very dangerous job, one that could end in execution, if caught…

This is a fantastic futuristic read! For the century that Breaking Bonds is set in, the setting seems very tangible. Breaking Bonds definitely makes you think, but not in a bad way! Devyn Quinn has created a very realistic storyline, as well as realistic characters, especially given the genre of Breaking Bonds: futuristic. Besides the fact that Darci and Trina are lovers, and not all would be able to easily relate to that, you can still relate to the fact that they are best friends. Devyn Quinn has written a fluid storyline with real characters, and definitely something you can relate too!

Heat Rating: *4- Cupid's Aphrodisiac
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Violence Rating: *2- Blunt-Tipped Arrow
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Official Blurb:
The year is 2105. In the aftermath of nuclear devastation, the people of earth have retreated underground to rebuild their shattered society. Citizens now live under a one world order, as governed by the "Illuminati". Conformity is the sole rule and independent thought and action are squelched under a totalistic government. Any man or woman deviating from accepted behaviors is sent for retraining. If retraining fails, termination follows.

For 21 years, Trina has chafed under the system. Classified a Level 3 citizen, she is nothing more than a drone; forbidden to own property or procreate. Suppressed by society's harsh rules, Trina secretly dreams of breaking the bonds of control on her body, mind and spirit. A smuggler of artifacts from the early 21st century, Trina is living a dangerous double life.

Trouble arrives when Wade, a Level 2 security officer, catches her during a raid. Trina is sure her days are numbered. To her surprise, Wade frees her. When he later shows up at her quadrate, Trina fears he will blackmail her. Instead, she finds in him a kindred soul who shares her own passions. As they give into forbidden desires, their newfound love leads them to dream of the impossible: escaping their captive world.

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