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Gifts by Stella and Audra Price

We were lucky enough to get several review requests from Stella and Audra Price, and I have had a blast getting introduced to their world- the Eververse. Since their book Gifts is being released today, this is the first review I'm posting. But be on the lookout for many more reviews of Stella and Audra's books- and be prepared, because you'll want to read every single one!

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Gifts: Book 3 of the Duvall Inc. series
Stella and Audra Price
Phaze Publishing
Released: Oct. 1
221 pages
Paranormal/Erotic Romance

Christmas time is coming, and Marsh has been thinking about the perfect gift for Janey. He knows that she has never had a real family, and he wants to give that to her by taking her to meet his parents. Unfortunately, that entails telling her about the part where his parents are King and Queen of his people, which of course makes him the Prince. It’s not his title that’s the problem, but the fact that this is the first she’ll be hearing of this little detail!

Once they get to his parent’s place, a citadel in Austria, Janey meets his wacky but strangely likeable mother, and his lecherous and handsy father. On top of dealing with all the revelations and getting to know Marsh’s eccentric parents, there’s a psycho princess that is determined to have Marsh and the throne. When the princess figures out getting Marsh is not going to happen, she decides the throne by itself will do just fine- and takes out a hit on him. But she’s not the only princess that has their eye on Marsh, there’s plenty more and they would love to see Janie out of the picture, by whatever means necessary.

Just as Janey is starting to handle on the whole situation, her mentor, Trent Duvall, shows up and tells her that someone very close to them has gone missing. He's gone back to his native soil in Africa, and even though he left of his own free will, he must be brought back if Janey, Trent, and Marsh want to see him alive again. He’s put himself in a very dangerous situation by going back when the rogue angel he originally escaped from is still in power. Trent and Marsh, along with some help including Mal the vampire, go to Africa to take care of business- while Janey stays in Austria. This puts a whole new meaning to “surviving the holiday season”!

Gifts is the third book in Stella and Audra Price’s Duvall Inc. series, and the best one yet! In this book, we finally learn the secrets of our tight-lipped hero Marsh, and see his and Janey’s characters reach new depths. We also at last meet the oft mentioned Trent Duvall, Janey’s father figure/mentor/business partner. Fans will adore seeing a more tender side of Marsh and Janey (while still kicking ass and taking names when necessary), and new readers will fall in love with the characters instantaneously. But not just our hero and heroine! The Price Sisters really know how to create unique supporting characters as well, each standing out from the background, when usually supporting characters have the tendency to blend in. The authors will never bore you with one plotline that gets drawn out unnecessarily- they blend together several exciting subplots seamlessly and always keep you entertained! You will be drawn in by the fast-pace of the story, the fantastic characters, and new developments in the series. The action just keeps going, one thing after another- and you will love it! Gifts is a fantastic present to paranormal romance readers from Stella and Audra Price!

Heat Rating: *4- Cupid's Aphrodisiac Arrow
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Violence Rating: *4- Fire Arrow
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Official Blurb:

"The holidays are a time for giving, so when Marsh decides to give Jane a real Christmas, complete with family and friends, he never expected everything to go haywire. Meeting his family is only part of the problem. His parents, the reigning royalty of his race, are going to be a surprise to Jane, but no more so then his station as crown prince, a fact he had kept hidden from her till now.

Throw in a conniving princess that contracts his death, an engagement ring and his quirky and outlandish parents, and Marsh has his hands full, just presenting Jane as his consort.

Two days before Christmas, Trent Duvall, Janey’s Silent partner in the assassin syndicate shows in Austria and informs them of the fact that a special member of the Duvall inner circle has gone AWOL, and its up to Jane and Marsh to help him get him back. With the help of Malcolm Frost and a few choice friends, Trent and Marsh leave Jane in Austria and go to Africa to retrieve their family member, and usurp the position of a murderous and insane Fallen Angel.

And you thought your holidays were stressful."

If you haven't read any of Stella and Audra Price's books, I suggest you do- they're addictive!

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