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Of God's and One Woman by Dahlia Rose

One of my first reviews was Midnight Encounter's, and anthology, which I did for Paranormal Romance Reviews. Dahlia Rose was one of the author's in the anthology, and I just loved her work. So, you could say that I was on the prowl for more of her work! :-) I was lucky enough to run across Of God's and One Woman, and I loved this one just as much as her story in Midnight Encounter's! And that's not all! Dahlia Rose actually just recently contacted Rogues and Romance to review 3 of her books! So, check back for more reviews of Dahlia's work!

Of God’s and One Woman
Dahlia Rose

Aphrodite’s Apples
August 2007
116 Pages

Ares and Hades are brothers. Ares patrols the world’s wars, while Hades rules over the Underworld. Then one day while Ares is watching a beautiful woman take on six men much bigger than her, Hades arrives to collect her soul, so that she can spend eternity in the wonderful Elysian Fields. Ares then strikes a bargain with his brother: a favor for a favor. He wants the woman, as he has been watching her for quite sometime but never making himself known to her, for he is a God.

But just because Sasha is dead does not mean life has left her, for she is more wild and vibrant in the afterlife, it would seem. After Ares finally convinces her that she IS in fact dead, he informs her that she is in fact, in Hell. Though, Sasha has no idea why she ended up THERE, doing so much good during life. However, there is an upside, Ares informs her that Hades can put her soul back into her body, but for a small price: to be Ares’ concubine in the mortal world. Sasha agrees…

But Sasha would NEVER be any man’s concubine, no matter what. As soon as Sasha and Ares arrive in the mortal world, Sasha takes him by surprise, knocks him down, and flees. At first Ares is angered by her actions, but soon finds himself laughing, for the chase is now on…

Ares never agrees, or lets anyone else agree to anything, unless he knows for certain that things will work out appropriately, like with Sasha. He knows he will have her, but Sasha will never allow herself to be forced into anything. It is up to Sasha, as to whether or not their love and sexual desires will spark and ignite, or will Ares be forced to send her back to the Underworld…

But just as Ares is completely captivated and fascinated by Sasha, he dismisses his long lover: Discordia. For that Ares will pay, for Discordia is the Goddess of discord and mayhem. She will find his new lover, and destroy her.

Dahlia Rose has a knack for writing exceptionally well stories. She infuses highly sexual scenes with an intense storyline. Dahlia Rose has also crafted some realistic yet funny characters. The relationship between a God, Ares, and a human, Sasha, is just funny. Ares, for being so fascinated with humans, knows little about their world, and badgers Sasha like a two-year-old. Yet, he is extremely patient with her and understanding. Where as Sasha is the exact opposite; she grows tired of his questions, and though she tries to be kind to him, she finds it hard, being forced into being his concubine and all. If you love Dahlia Rose’s work, you will LOVE Of God’s and One Woman, and if you’ve never given her a try, then start now!

--Denise Kivett
PNR Reviews
October 24, 2007

Heat Rating: *4- Cupid's Aphrodisiac
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Violence Rating: *3- Steel Arrow
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Official Blurb:
(from Aphrodite's Apples)

Ares...God of War
Aries God of war, all powerful and a warrior for thousands of years. Now in modern times mortals has forgotten the ways of old and gods have been placed in the history books. Aries long for battles and he is tired of watching from the sideline as the world wages its wars. Until he met her a modern day crime fighter that takes on the battles on the street alone. She fights for the weak and defenseless and she completely captivated Aries. One night as she fights she is killed and Aries ask his brother to put her soul back into her body.

Sasha Green knew one minute she was fighting with a group of thugs and then her soul was out of her body. The night gets stranger when she finds herself in the underworld staring at Aries and his brother Aries who is telling her thant she is dead. Her soul can be replaced in her body but for a price. She must let Aries fight with her and oh yes, she must become his concubine. Sasha has no other choice but to accept his offer is she wants to be alive once again. But she is not going to go down that path willingly.

From the very beginning Passion and heat flares between the god of war and the mortal woman who he stands with to fight the evils of the street. Soon there is something neither of them expected…Love, and danger as well. Will a mortal and a god be able to fit love in between battles and all the obstacles they must over come?

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