Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hot Rio Nights by Stella and Audra Price

Hot Rio Nights is a delicious short story from Stella and Audra Price. Be on the lookout for it, coming from Tease on November 15th. This is definitely one you won't want to miss!

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Hot Rio Nights
Stella and Audra Price

Tease Publishing
22 pages
Book one of the Devas series

Starla Gibson is taking in the sights of Carnivale in Rio de Janeiro, looking for a little action. She has been noticing the delicious man across from her for quite awhile, and he has definitely been noticing her as well. Oh yeah, he could definitely provide the excitement she was looking for tonight! After introductions are made, the handsome stranger, Derek, dares her to be his slave for the night. Gibson won’t allow herself to be anyone’s submissive, and there’s no way she is going to trust this stranger to be her master, even if it is just for the night. But when he tells her he has procured a potion that will not only make her completely willing to be his slave, but that will make her enjoy it, she decides to give it a try. After swallowing the contents of the teardrop-shaped bottle, she begins to feel everything Derek said she would- everything and more…

Hot Rio Nights is a short story that you will love! Stella and Audra have an insane talent for great characters, and the characters in this story are no exception. This hero and heroine are one hot match, and the sex scenes in the story practically leave scorch marks on the page! Hot Rio Nights is a perfect short story to unwind with- it’s sweet and spicy, and completely satisfying!

Rogues and Romance

HEAT RATING: *4- Cupid's Aphrodisiac

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VIOLENCE RATING: No Violence at All

Official Blurb:
When Starla Gibson learns of the bet that the sexy stranger across from her is putting forth, to be his darling little slave for the night, she thinks its a joke. Strong and dominant Gibson, has been hurt to much to play anyones subordinate and tells him that she cant possibly sink to sub level. When he presents her with the answer to both their problems, a small bottle of clear liquid that Derek claims is a potion to turn her into the most willing toy hes ever had, Starla cant back out of the challenge. Little does she know that what shes about to experience is going to change the way she looks at herself, and the man before her.

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