Saturday, September 22, 2007

Earth Girls Aren't Easy by Charlene Teglia

When I first selected "Earth Girl's Aren't Easy" by Charlene Teglia, I had never read one of her books before. It sounded like a great book, but one that would be fun and maybe a bit silly. But I am really happy to tell everyone that it was one of the best new books out! My favorite thing about it was that the author was able to develop a deep emotional bond between the main characters in a short amount of time.

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Title: Earth Girls Aren’t Easy
Author: Charlene Teglia
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419912313
Released: August 29, 2007
Format: e-book
Length: 61 pages
Genre: Futuristic/Sci-Fi Erotic Romance

Danek arrives on Earth ready to complete two missions. The first is to deliver a package for his friend and commander’s mate, who is an Earthling living in her alien mate’s world. The second is a more personal mission- to find HIS mate, the one whose mind will be able to communicate with his own telepathically. He cannot believe his luck when he completes both missions at once after finding Angela, the intended recipient of the delivery. Angela cannot believe this gorgeous man is interested in her, and wonders at the strange reaction she has to him. But when he tells her not only is he her intended mate, but that he is an alien come to take her home with him, Angela needs a little more convincing than Danek originally thought!

Earth Girls Aren’t Easy is a story about finding your perfect mate… and what happens afterward! Charlene Teglia creates a delicious story with a chance encounter, hot erotic scenes, and a deep emotional connection! The heroine is smart and sassy, and had me laughing even in the steamy scenes. And Darek, well- let’s just say he is every woman’s fantasy personified! Teglia does a phenomenal job creating a bond between Angela and Danek that feels genuinely deep and completely believable. This book will have you running out to buy Seasons of Seduction III so you can read the connecting story! Trust me; you will definitely want more of Teglia’s sexy, hunky aliens! In my opinion, Earth Girls Aren’t Easy is an out-of-this-world hit!

-Mandy Briggs
PNR Reviews
September 16, 2007

While you don't HAVE to read the connecting story to enjoy Earth Girls Aren't Easy, there is one in the newly-released Seasons of Seduction III, entitled "I Was An Alien's Love Slave". Earth Girls Aren't Easy was released first, but the S of S III story appears to be the first in the series. I can promise you that you will want to read both, but I's say probably start with Seasons of Seduction III first.

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Denise said...

Great review as always! :-) I will say this: the cover cracked me up. idk why, but it did, lol. :-) Oh, and did you see all of our comments! I didn't notice them until today, and I know you DID notice them, but WOW! THIS IS GREAT! :-)