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Summoned by Lust by Amanda Sidhe

I am so happy that Amanda Sidhe asked us to review Summoned by Lust, because I have found one of my all-time favorite vampire stories! This story is a bit different from the usual vampire-and-human-fall-in-love story, and is so deliciously intense, you'll read it all in one sitting. I am so glad I discovered this author, and you will be too once you read Summoned by Lust. After you do, satisfy your Amanda Sidhe craving and download the free eBooks she's offering on her website. She has one contemporary erotica quickie, and two awesome vampire romances from the same world as Summoned by Lust!

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Summoned by Lust
Amanda Sidhe

Ellora's Cave
ISBN #9781419913464
Available Now
Paranormal Romance
Vampire, Telepathy

Even when she was a child, Karma had to do whatever it took to stay alive. Only then it was “procuring” the money to buy food, and now it’s keeping her throat from getting ripped out by vampires. Being a Summon, a sort of human servant, for the local vampire clan definitely has its perks, but having her life in constant peril is definitely not one of them. Luckily, her telepathic abilities and strong sense of self-preservation has kept her alive after seven years as a Summon- which is about seven years longer than any other human coming in contact with the clan. But now she has been Summoned to serve Razor, a Kinsmen from another clan, during his stay. Easy job, right? Wrong! This Kinsmen just happens to be the biggest, baddest, deadliest, SEXIEST vampire she’s ever met. And his requirements go way beyond the normal driving and fetching. If she wants to stay alive, she has to use her telepathy to keep his constant blood lust at bay. And the only way to do that is to turn those bloody desires into a different kind of lust…

Let me start out by exclaiming, Summoned by Lust is one scorching-hot story! Amanda Sidhe pens a scintillating novella with an exciting, fast-paced plotline, sizzling sex scenes, and characters you can’t get enough of. The author skillfully describes the heroine’s experiences of using her telepathic powers, making the reader feel as if they are actually inside Karma’s mind. Besides the impressive psychic elements, you will love the fresh, original spin on vampire lore in this story. You find yourself enraptured; completely caught up in what’s happening, not knowing what’s coming next, and loving every minute of it! In Summoned by Lust, Amanda Sidhe masterfully crafts a tale of blood, sex, and psychic bonds that will leave your breath short and your head spinning!

Summoned by Lust is a Rogues and Romance Must-Read!

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-Mandy Briggs

Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *4- Cupid's Aphrodisiac
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Violence Rating: *4- Fire Arrow
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Official Blurb:

Karma thought she had it made. As a highly paid Summon — a human servant to a vampire clan — all she had to do was use her telepathy to anticipate the needs of the vampires she was sent to serve, while avoiding becoming lunch or undead herself. It had been a lucrative and easy gig until Razor showed up with his deadly good looks, bad boy attitude and a dose of telepathy that dwarfed hers. And this powerful vampire Kinsman has only one job for her to do — telepathically replace his overpowering blood lust with sexual hunger…for her!

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Happy Reading!

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