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Lord Draco: The Witch's Knight by Raquel Taylor

I was lucky enough to snatch up Lord Draco: The Witch's Knight by Raquel Taylor for review. Even though I had a couple I needed to finish before it, the summary piqued my interest so much, I went ahead and started it. This book was so good, it really made my job as a reviewer a piece of cake. The only thing I had a hard time with when writing the review was shutting up about it! Luckily, I have a blog, and I can rave all I want, and you have to listen to me- MWAHAHAHA! But in all seriousness, read my official review of Lord Draco, and pick yourself up a copy. It is an absolute STEAL at $2.50, and if you're a fan of paranormal erotica, you will really enjoy it. Also, check out Raquel Taylor's website where you can read about her upcoming book, Seduction of the Fae- which I will definitely be getting!

Title: Lord Draco: The Witch’s Knight
Author: Raquel Taylor
Dark Castle Lords
Release date:
August 2007
ISBN: 978-1-921347-22-1
Format: e-Book
Length: 95 Pages
Genre: Erotica/Paranormal

Ileana is a witch: shunned, abandoned, and unloved by everyone but her brother Alexandru. When he is attacked and cursed by werewolves, she has no choice but to appeal for aid to Lord Draco, King of the Vampires. She sets out into the night, and only after reaching his castle does she realize she has nothing to offer him for his help. But because of the attraction Lord Draco feels for Ileana, he will only be satisfied with one thing: a night of passion. Ileana accepts and finds herself being swept away in the strength of his arms and the ardor they share. Will Draco and Ileana be able to face the werewolves together, release her brother from the curse, AND survive?

Sound steamy? It is! But the great thing about Lord Draco: The Witch’s Knight is that the story and characters will “enthrall” you just as much as the scorching, surface-of-the-sun-hot love scenes. Raquel Taylor does in a novella with her story and characters what it takes most authors a full-length novel to accomplish. She develops the characters easily and naturally, and before you know it, you’ll be just as in love with Ileana and Draco as they are with each other. Taylor has a real talent for description and the story will unfold in full-color detail in your mind. It captivated me from the first page and had me wanting more at the last- in a good way! Lord Draco: The Witch’s Knight is everything you’d want in an erotic paranormal, and Raquel Taylor is definitely an author I’m reading again- and again!

- Mandy Briggs
PNR Reviews

September 1, 2007

Official Summary from Author:
Romania, 1817

In order to save her brother from the curse of the Moldovan werewolves, Ileana Caragea—shunned and a witch—must call upon Lord Draco Constantinescu, King of the Romanian vampires, and his bevy of vampiric beauties. Draco is irresistibly drawn to the beautiful human witch. He agrees to help her, but in return he demands a night of passion. Pleasure and pain intermingle as Ileana surrenders to the domineering seduction of the vampire Lord as he wipes away her loneliness with his hot, all-consuming caresses. Together this wickedly sensual couple battle overwhelming supernatural odds.

I really hope you give this book a try. It's definitely one of my favorite books ever. I can definitely identify with Ileana's personality, and I can definitely agree that Lord Draco is one hot vampire!

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