Monday, December 10, 2007

A Year of You by Adra Steia

Boy has life been busy! This week is finals week, and these past 2 weeks or so have just been way to hecitc. Finally though, I have my reivew for A Year of You by Adra Steia, and she definatley knows how to write a dark romance! I absolutely love her writing, and A Year of You just proves how much of an amazing awriter she is.

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A Year of You
Adra Steia
Tease Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-934678-33-6
Available Now
Contemporary Romance

Matilyn’s nightmare began when her mother married Kirkland’s father. Kirkland seemed to be the perfect older brother, especially only being a few years older than Maty. But when she was eight years old, he raped her for the first time. Then, when Matilyn told her mother, she was grounded, and Kirkland took every advantage. Mattie has lived her life being broken and terrified, because as an adult, Kirkland is still around, and Mattie doesn’t know what to do…

Mattie wanted nothing more than to be free of Kirkland when she became an adult, but he has prevented that. See, K got Mattie into a lot of trouble, and ended up paying for her lawyer in order to keep her out of legal trouble. But now he wants his money back. So, he has sent her to Daytona Beach to play Elaine, the long-lost granddaughter of a very wealthy woman, Mrs. McKendrick. But that’s not all Mattie has planned; because the farther away from K she is, the safer everyone is.

But there’s a problem, because on the flight to Daytona, Mattie meets a man named West, who is a good friend of the McKendrick’s. But as it turns out, West knows more about Mattie than she thinks, because Mr. McKendrick sent West to Atlanta, where Mattie lives, to keep an eye on her and find out more. But when Mattie and West meet face to face on the flight back to Daytona, West is conflicted because Mattie does share some qualities with the McKendrick’s, but definitely not all. But when she tells him where she’s headed (though, he already knows), he offers to give her a ride.

When West and Mattie arrive at the house, Mattie feels like everyone who greets her does it in a cold manner, and every instinct in her tells her to turn and run. But that’s not what matters, Mattie has to convince Mrs. Ruth Ellen McKendrick. But when Mattie goes up stairs to visit the old woman, Ruth Ellen spills the beans. She knows Mattie isn’t her granddaughter, and she knows exactly who Mattie is, where she came from, and what she does. The thing is, Ruth Ellen wants Mattie to find Elaine, because she knows where she’s buried…

Despite the definite intensity of A Year of You, Adra Steia still throws in a few little quirks here and there to help keep the mood light. This story is very thrilling, but one that I think anyone can find themselves relating to, because the circumstances are so real. It’s one of those stories, where you may not know exactly what the characters are feeling all the time, but at one time or another you do. A Year of You is on the darker side of fiction, and contains a lot of depth. If that interests you, then Adra Steia will not disappoint. I recommend trying this one out though, because even with the darkness and depth, I think everyone can enjoy A Year of You. This is definitely one for your keeper shelf!

A Year of You is a Rogues and Romance Must Read!

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*Denise Kivett*
Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *4- Cupid's Aphrodisiac
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Violence Rating: *4- Fire Arrow
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Happy Reading!


Adra Steia said...

Ah! You should have heard me shriek when I found this!

Thank you so much! I love you! LOL

Denise said...

I'm glad you found it!
I'm sorry for not e-mailing the link to you sooner. I was actually just now looking through my e-mails to try to figure out if I had e-mailed you or not, lol.