Monday, January 21, 2008

Lord Draco: The Witch's Knight by Raquel Taylor

Lord Draco: The Witch's Knight was a fantastic read! I feel so lucky to have been able to review this particular work by Raquel Taylor, but at the same time, I want more! :-) I flew through Lord Draco, both reading and reviewing it. It was a great read, and I hope that this review shows that! :-)


Lord Draco: The Witch’s Knight
Raquel Taylor

Dark Castle Lords
ISBN 978 1 921347 22 1
95 pages
Paranormal Erotica (witches, weres, and vamps)

Romania 1817:
Illeana Caragea is a noble, but she now resides in a small cottage, where she is known as the Black Witch of the Woods. She has few visitors: those brave villagers who need the sick healed, and her brother, Alexandru.

However, on this particular night, she finds her brother bitten, by a werewolf. She restrains him as best as she can, but now convenes with the dead to find a solution. He is still a pup, according to Nicolae, the spirit who Illeana bargained with, in return for him to help her undo this curse. However, Nicolae also tells Illeana, that if she can slay the wolf that bit her brother, she can cure him. However, Alexandru must not kill in wolf-form, or he will be forever lost…

The wolves broke a treaty though, when they attacked humans, and Illeana, feels that the best way to kill the wolf that attacked Alexandru, would be to attack with full-force. She feels she must contact their father. But then, Nicolae reminds her that they will be weakened by the nights, when the men take the shape of wolves. Thus, she must fight darkness, with darkness, and she must find Lord Draco, a vampire. But, what Lord Draco want in return for slaying this wolf may be more than Illeana bargained for. After all, she only bargained her body, or did she?...

What a fascinating read! You will absolutely love Raquel Taylor’s work when you read Lord Draco: The Witch’s Knight. She has a witty sense of dialogue, and crafted unique, yet realistic characters, even with the paranormal elements. The storyline is fluidity at its best, and one will definitely not be disappointed with Lord Draco. Raquel Taylor will definitely capture your interest from the beginning, and hold onto it until the very end!

-Denise Kivett
Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *4- Cupid's Aphrodisiac

Violence Rating: *4- Fire Arrow

Official Blurb:
In order to save her brother from the curse of the Moldovan werewolves, Ileana Caragea--shunned and a witch--must call upon Lord Draco Constantinescu, King of the Romanian vampires, and his bevy of vampiric beauties. Draco is irresistibly drawn to the lovely human witch. He agrees to help her, but in return he demands a night of passion. Pleasure and pain intermingle as Ileana surrenders to the domineering seduction of the vampire Lord as he wipes away her loneliness with his hot, all-consuming caresses. Together, this wickedly sensual couple battle overwhelming supernatural odds.





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Chyne said...

I like stories that take place in the past especially ones that involve vampires or werewolves. I just think that it seems more real. This book sounds awesome! Great review once again!