Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Betrayed by Jamie Leigh Hansen

What a read! I really hope my review of Betrayed by Jamie Leigh Hansen catches some of the reader's attention. I'll be honest though. Mandy usually sends the novellas my way since I'm a full-time student, and thus, I was a little intimidated by the whopping 392 pages, but it was phenomenal, nonetheless. I was more than happy to read Betrayed, and I am delighted to present everyone with my review. I hope you like it as well!

Jamie Leigh Hansen

TOR Paranormal Romance
392 pages
Paranormal Romance (time-travel)

Caylus has lived, in a sense, for approximately 800 years. She lives and dies a continuous cycle, where during her life, she searches for her husband, Dreux, who is encased in solid stone, high up in a tower. However, knowing the location is a cinch, but getting to him requires skill and cunning. But, now, tonight, she’s reached him, but what is the key to unlocking him from his stone embrace? However, there’s another obstacle, and his name is Kai. He’ll do everything to stop these two, who are destined to be together, from forming as one, once more.

But, there’s more to Caylus and Dreux’s story. Dreux and Kai were brothers, are brothers, still. However, to save the brothers from the act of fratricide-the killing of one’s brother-Silas and Draven come in, and save the brothers from their would be damning sin. They only met to keep one from dying, but trapped Caylus in her never-ending search for her husband.

However, tonight is Caylus, or in this lifetime, Kalyss, last chance to free her husband from his stone tomb, and everyone else connected to the curse, as well. Though, she doesn’t know that, and Silas and Draven, can’t intervene, anymore than they already have. However, as one begins to delve into the story, you begin to wonder: will she remember what her role is, in time?

Jamie Leigh Hansen has beautifully written Betrayed. The back and forth between time periods is a great twist, enveloping history, as well our present time, never once losing the reader. The love that Caylus (Kalyss) has for her husband is real, and the reader can only root for her to succeed, in what is her final attempt at freeing her husband, and thus, everyone else, from their curse. You’ll be begging for more from Jamie Leigh Hansen after reading Betrayed!

--Denise Kivett
Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *2- Cupid's Passion Arrow
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Violence Rating: *4- Fire Arrow

Official Blurb:
Trapped in stone, tortured by grief... This is their last chance.After nine loveless lives and nine horrible deaths, Kalyss must save Dreux from his stone prison-or pass without him into an empty eternity.When two strangers violently enter her life, Kalyss's gift awakens--along with the memory of her past lives--and she must learn who she can trust in order to break the cycle of hatred and betrayal that has held them captive for centuries.For only then can she free Dreux from his prison of stone. But will Kalyss be strong enough, now that the last chance has arrived--now that she must face not only the pain of this life, but of all her lives before?

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Great review! Love the name Draven by the way lol. Keep up the great work :-)