Monday, January 14, 2008

Boji Stones by Sandra Cox

I am so excited about Sandra Cox's amulet series. The concept is a lot of fun, and so are the characters. I especially loved the way the author's love for animals shone through, and I think any animal lover will appreciate this book, as well as romance enthusiasts! While the ending of Boji Stones definitely gives the reader a sense of closure, it also sets up the second story, Rose Quartz, where we continue the story of the ostentatious Bella, new friend to Maureen, and owner of the beauty amulet.


Boji Stones
Sandra Cox

Cerridwen Press
ISBN #9781419910647
Available Now
Paranormal Romance
First in series

Long ago, the gods favored five mortals, and forged five amulets, each with different powers. Maureen Sinclair has one such amulet, passed on to her by her mother. A healing amulet in the form of a bracelet set with unusual stones- a bracelet that Maureen keeps on her forearm at all times. Unfortunately, her bracelet has become a sort of trademark for her, along with her uncanny ability to help horses and other sick animals. Up until now, people’s interest in Maureen has been purely professional, and only her ranch hand and godfather, Hank, knows about the amulet. But her trademark has led a maniac straight to her- a maniac that will stop at nothing to get the amulet. To make matters worse, Jack, a handsome professor, shows up asking an awful lot of questions. Maureen feels an instant connection with him, but with her life and her secret being threatened, it’s awful hard to trust the gorgeous stranger. Can Maureen and Jack confront the feelings they have for each other while also confronting the enemy, and will they escape with their lives?

Boji Stones is the captivating first book in Sandra Cox’s series about five magical amulets, given to mortals by the gods, and passed down through generations. Now the stories of the present-day owners are being told, and the maniac who would own all five and bring havoc upon the world. Sandra Cox blew me away with her ability to create a realistic story by projecting genuine and heartfelt emotions through her characters, connecting and endearing the reader to them. This story captures and conveys many elements of the human condition: love, compassion, and friendship, as well as the darker ones: greed, hatred, selfishness, and madness. In stories where the villain is, for the most part, an unknown, the character can end up flat with unclear motivations. But Ms. Cox aptly infuses her villain into the story by frequently “checking in” with his thoughts and actions (even from afar), making him much more real- and much more terrifying. Boji Stones is a marvelously unique paranormal romance with a fabulous storyline, fantastic characters, and plenty of suspense to keep you on your toes!

-Mandy Briggs
Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *3- Cupid's Ardor Arrow


Violence Rating: *3- Steel Arrow

Official Blurb:

Maureen Sinclair has a secret that could rock the modern world. More than just a charming antique set with unusual stones, the copper band she wears on her forearm is an ancient amulet with healing powers. The amulet was forged by the gods.

Her world is turned upside down by danger and betrayal when two men discover her secret. One is a scholar. One is a madman.

Now Maureen must fight for her very life and that of the man she loves while protecting that secret.





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Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for the lovely review, Mandy.

Denise said...

I HAVE to read her stuff, lol. It sounded good already, but the review made it sound even better! Great job Mandy! :-)

Chyne said...

Good review! This book sounds like a definate page turner!