Sunday, December 30, 2007

Caribbean Blue by Dahlia Rose

I absolutely love Dahlia Rose! Since getting into reviewing books, she's become one of my most favorite authors! Enjoy the review for Caribbean Blue!


Caribbean Blue
Dahlia Rose

Phaze Publishing
November 2007
43 Pages
Erotic Romance

Eli is a cop from Philly, and he needs a vacation. So, he visits an old friend, Mick, who has relocated to Barbados. As soon as Eli arrives, he is lounging in his bedroom, when suddenly he hears the most exotic voice singing. He just has to know where it’s coming from. As Eli walks down the beach, he eventually finds the woman singing, and is absolutely struck by her beauty, and when she leaves, he gives chase.

Day after day, Eli looks for the mysterious, yet beautiful woman, and each day he continues being unable to find her. He asks his friend Mick about her, but Mick has never heard of or seen such a woman. On the other hand, Mick’s wife, Jewel, is reminded of a local island legend. She tells Eli of a tribe of people, known as Baqeu, who are said to live in hidden caves around the island. At the end of the island legend, Eli finds out that the woman’s name is Alison.

That same evening, as Eli is heading home from a walk along the beach, he catches a glimmer in the trees. Then, catches a glance of black hair. As he catches up to her, he is more than surprised when she kisses him. Then, she leads him into the sea, to reveal much more to Eli...

But far underwater, things begin to heat up between Alison and Eli, and Eli just can’t seem to get enough of Alison…

Dahlia Rose is a fantastic writer, and she definitely will not disappoint any readers when they feast their eyes and minds on Caribbean Blue. The storyline is exceptionally strong, and even though Caribbean Blue is a novella, Dahlia Rose has a way of never making the reader feel rushed while reading. While there is some mystery with the island girl, Alison, the characters and the relationship between Alison and Eli is very real. Dahlia Rose definitely has a knack for writing, and an even greater ability to create such a real, yet enticingly erotic story, such as Caribbean Blue!

--Denise Kivett
Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *4- Cupid's Aphrodisiac
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Violence Rating: *1- Suction-Cup Arrow


Official Blurb:
Eli Connors was a Philadelphia cop who was burnt out and just stressed out from the job. So when his friend Mick sent him and invite to visit him on the island of Barbados Eli jumped at the chance. He needed a break, the sun and surf would do him just fine. He did not know he would meet a mysterious woman called Alison on the beaches of the island, from a tribe called the Baqeu. Nor did he know that he would end up running from poachers on the island. Now in paradise he is caught up in the exotic Alison and the passion they created in between the coral and caves on the island. Will he be able to get on a plane back to the life on Philly and the cruel streets that made his heart cold? Or will he stay on the island and follow love's call by the Caribbean blue Sea?

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Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

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Chyne said...

lol. I remember proof reading this one. Goo d job in going in depth but leaving some mystery to it. :-)