Monday, December 31, 2007

Velvet Leather and Roses by Dahlia Rose

Dahlia Rose is an absolutely wonderful author. I don't think I can say that enough, and being able to review her books is equally wonderful! Here's the review for Velvet Leather and Roses!


Velvet Leather and Roses
Dahlia Rose

Amira Press, LLC
September 2007
75 pages
erotic romance

Cooper Jasper has found himself in a place known as Leather and Lace, and it’s not exactly his type of place. Leather and Lace is more for those who like to play a little bit differently, but Cooper had to come here, because he had to find HER. Finally, when he sees her across the club, the sight is absolutely mouth-watering. She’s wearing stockings, with stilettos, black netted clothing…and a voice like honey. Her name is Velvet…

Cooper wants to talk to Velvet. He is absolutely enamored with her, but when she leads him into one of the club's VIP rooms, he begins to get more than he bargained for. He’s always been the one to tie the ladies up, but now Velvet has him in her clutches, and well, Cooper loves every minute of it.

But after just a few moments of learning just what exactly Velvet can do, time’s up! But Cooper has to know more about Velvet, and as she turns toward to door to go back to work, she agrees to meet him, but until they can meet, all Cooper can think about is Velvet, and how he is just dying to get to know her better…

Dahlia Rose is at it again, with a fantastic piece of work. Velvet Leather and Roses has just the right amount of both romance and spice! You, the reader, will find that you just HAVE to find out what happens between these two and Velvet Leather and Roses is just perfect for that, because you can! The characters are realistic, but also come with some mystery, to keep the reader enticed. Go grab yourself a copy of the novella Velvet Leather and Roses by Dahlia Rose! You won’t be disappointed!

Velvet Leather and Roses is awarded our Rogues and Romance Erotic Must-Read for outstanding story, characters, and sex scenes!

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-Denise Kivett

Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating:
*5- Cupid's Whole Quiver!
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Violence Rating: *1- Suction-Cup Arrow


Official Blurb:
Cooper Jasper was captivated, enticed and enthralled by one woman and he did not know her name. He saw her one night at his friend’s bachelor party and he could not get her face out of his mind ever since. The party was held at a place called Leather and Lace, a kind of strip club with BDSM thrown in. Since he saw her, he has been back several times, and each time he watched her. This night was different. She takes him into one of the VIP rooms where she introduces him to a sexy taste of being domineered. It excited him beyond anything he has ever felt but still he wants more. Billie might be the dominatrix as a job, but he intends for her to be his submissive.

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Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

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