Monday, December 3, 2007

The Long Thin Veil by Marly Matthews

What a fun and quick read! Marly Matthews really caught my attention with this book, and I loved reading every page. If you're not a fan of short stories, you really do have to give this one a try. I personally felt that the plot was fully developed, and that the characters were as well. So go grab yourself a copy of The Long Thin Veil, you won't be disappointed!

The Long Thin Veil
Marly Matthews

Wild Rose Press
October 2006
28 pages
Paranormal romance

Megan McLeod, a not so powerful witch, has made a pact with a Faerie King; a pact that makes her his queen and true love, for all eternity. However, when she made that fateful pact, she was but a teenager, and now she is feeling more like a prisoner. On All Hallow’s Eve, when the veil between the supernatural and mortal world thins, she is to meet him, but she’s not going into his realm without a fight. For when Megan meets with the Faerie King, she musters up all of his strength and attacks him, sending him over a cliff. The King has no idea why he is receiving such animosity from Megan, and he is even more surprised to see how her powers have increased. He only wants her to return his undying love for her because they are in fact, true soul mates. But before he is able to whisk her off to FairyLand, Megan asks him for his help one more time, in saving her village from their evil enemies who are running amok on this All Hallow’s Eve, and this one act will bring Megan closer to the King, as well as broaden her understanding of what they both truly are…

Marly Matthews has written a snappy, funny, romantic read! Although the setting is All Hallow’s Eve, the reader will find that this is an “anytime read!” Since The Long Thin Veil is a novella, you’ll be more than happy to read this all in one sitting. Everything flowed absolutely wonderfully, and never once will the reader feel as if this short read is rushed in the least bit. Marly Matthews has done a fantastic job of creating a magical realm, and the ending will leave you with a smile on your face!

Denise Kivett
Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *1- Cupid's Affection Arrow
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Violence Rating: *1- Suction-Cup Arrow
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Official Blurb:
It is the night of All Hallow's Eve, in Scotland. Come nightfall, The Long Thin Veil between realms will slip away, unleashing the full magical power of Samhain. The spirits of the dead, faeries, elves and other otherworldly spirits will visit the human realm, and in return the humans may visit their realms. However, All Hallow's Eve comes with a price. While the spirits of the light are given access to our world, the spirits of darkness can also cross into our realm. Megan Rose MacLeod is a witch. She is the protector of her village…in her family of witches, she is known as the 'chosen one.' Her time of reckoning is near…for she has made a bargain with a powerful man… Tiernan Fairlove is a man accustomed to getting what he wants. And, he wants Megan. Now, he must convince her that they are a match made in heaven, destined to be together for eternity. Blessings and danger abounds on All Hallow's Eve, in the end, their love might be the only thing that survives to see a new day.

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Happy Reading!

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