Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just Ducky by Talia Kelley

One of the really fantastic things about being a reviewer is getting to read books by talented new authors that you would not have neccesarily been aware of. Talia Kelley is one such author, though I doubt it will be long before plenty of readers know who she is. Just Ducky is her third published story, and her own personal style of writing really shines through. I loved that she had the creative courage to center the story around something as innocuous as a toy duck, and that quirkyness is only part of what makes her story so much fun to read.


Just Ducky
Talia Kelley

Forbidden Publications
Available Now
28 pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance

Amy considers herself lucky. Thanks to a sizeable inheritance, she is able to travel the world, browsing shops while pursuing her love of collecting books and other antiques that catch her eye. But there’s a loneliness she feels that she can’t deny. So when she begins hearing a voice speak to her, and having erotic visions of a handsome lover, she thinks her loneliness is driving her mad. What doesn’t occur to her just yet is that this all started after stumbling upon a strange shop in which the eccentric shopkeeper gifts her with an antique bath toy: a beautiful duck with the most lifelike eyes…

Just Ducky is a paranormal short story by writer Talia Kelley. This story is as whimsical as it is sensual, and Ms. Kelley puts a fun and new spin on the hero-magically-bound-to-an-object story. I was especially won over by the author’s ability to give just the right amount of back-story in order to entice the reader to feel invested in the characters, even with the small amount of pages. Erotic romance lovers will definitely be enthralled by Amy and her mysterious lover, Drake. These two are a potent combination, and their story definitely gets you fired up in no time. Just Ducky is a story I’ll definitely read again, and there’s no doubt I’ll be seeing plenty more of the talented Talia Kelley.

Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *4- Cupid’s Aphrodisiac Arrow

Violence Rating: *1- Suction Cup Arrow

Official Blurb:

Amy loves curious and unique items, and thanks to an extensive inheritance, she’s free to buy any treasures she desires. Day after day, she travels and purchases old books and curiosities. It’s a life for which many would give a selected body part, but still fairly humdrum for shy Amy, for whom shopkeepers and hotel staff members are the only social contacts.

Things change for Amy when she accepts a strange little bath toy from a grateful shopkeeper. Suddenly, she finds herself in a world of erotic dreams and strange occurrences, with a dream lover who seems uncannily real. Will Amy succumb to the deep desires this phantom brings to the surface?




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