Monday, March 17, 2008

Draegon's Lair by Linda Ciletti

It has been quite a while since I have read a historical romance, but Linda Ciletti's Draegon's Lair reminded me what it is I love about them. A good historical romance not only pulls you into the story, but into another time period completely. This book definitely did that for me! Linda Ciletti has written an amazing story, and I think you'll agree. Oh, and be sure and stop by her MySpace page before and after reading Draegon's Lair- you will love her Alys and Draegon Meez. They look exactly how I pictured the characters!


Draegon's Lair
Linda Ciletti
Wings ePress
ISBN: 978-1-59705-249-8
Available Now
ebook and print
167 pages
Historical Romance

Alys de Monceux is a victim of circumstance, and even worse, a victim at the hands of her betrothed, Bastion of Worthingshire. She knows she has to flee, to protect both herself and her secret. But when she wakes up in a strange bed with amnesia, she has to depend on her rescuer, the warrior lord by the name of Draegon who never shows his face, until her memory returns. Because there’s only two things she knows for certain: one, that she’s in grave danger, and two, she can’t get her mysterious hero out of her mind.

Draegon is a fierce warrior and lord of a small demense, Greystone. He is a man shrouded in mystery- literally. His face inspired fearful reactions even as a small boy- there were some who even called him a demon. At the urging of his late guardian, he has kept his face hidden for years, and his heart shielded even more. But when he rescues a wounded woman from a group of warriors hunting her, just looking at her causes a stirring in him that he thought impossible. He knows he’s bringing trouble upon his home by taking her with him, but he just can’t walk away from her. While Alys struggles to regain her memory, Draegon struggles to repress the foreign feelings she inspires in him. It’s only when her betrothed shows up at Greystone with his army does Draegon realize how much danger they are all really in. For Draegon knows Bastion of Worthingshire by another name, the malicious and deadly Knighthawk, and Draegon also knows there’s no way he will hand Alys over to that monster Bastion. But Bastion has no intention of letting Alys go, nor will he let her go unpunished for escaping him.

Draegon’s Lair is a wonderful historical full of romance, passion, and mystery. Linda Ciletti does a phenomenal job of developing the characters, from the abuse and anguish Alys has suffered at the hands of Bastion, to the pain and loneliness Draegon has felt his whole life. The ease at which the reader can identify with these characters really makes a difference in the realism of the story. Ms. Ciletti has created an intense and palpable attraction between Alys and Draegon- which is even more impressive when you consider the tension is at its peak before Alys even sees his face. This story has plenty of secrets to keep you guessing, all of which are revealed and nicely tied up by the end, making for one satisfying read. Draegon’s Lair is one of those stories where both the plot and characters really grab you, and it gets harder and harder to put down. Linda Ciletti has definitely made me a fan with this story, and once you read Draegon’s Lair, you will be too.

-Mandy Briggs
Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *2- Cupid’s Passion Arrow

Violence Rating: *3- Steel Arrow

Official Blurb:

Alys de Monceux runs from her betrothed, the cruel and abusive Bastion of Worthingshire. She had run from him before and was flogged in her efforts. This time she cannot fail. This time there is more at stake than her own life. Death would be preferable than returning to the man she fears.

Draegon of Greystone lives a reclusive life. Beneath hood and helm, he hides a face he is sure others will fear. Only his good friend, Diminimis, has seen him without cover. Draegon is content in his world of shadows, or so he believes, until he rescues a wounded Alys from a band of pursuers. Soon he realizes the truth of living in hell--his hell--as he watches others from afar, never interacting. Suddenly he yearns for a love he is unworthy of. He knows this, but how can he convince her of his unworthiness? This spirited and persistent woman who believes him to be more than what he is.

Bastion of Worthingshire wants Alys any cost and he will kill anyone who gets in his way. When he tracks her to Greystone, however, he discovers more than his runaway betrothed--and the myth that has long hung over him finally comes to light. A light he must extinguish.






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