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Swamp Baby by Adra Steia

Swamp Baby is great! It's spooky, has romance, Native American elements! Everything I love, all rolled up into one book! So, check out this review, and grab yourself a copy of Swamp Baby!!

Swamp Baby
Adra Steia

Tease Publishing
Available Now
203 pages
Paranormal Horror

Laughing River has just been forced to sacrifice her infant child in the swamp by Spirit Mother, whose magic is strong, especially compared to that of her people’s. Shortly after the sacrifice, Laughing River does the only thing she can do: hangs herself. Her father finds her, and hopes that one day, his magic will restore his people and drive out Spirit Mother, but suddenly, he is killed, by some of Spirit Mother’s panthers…

The Swamp is now a place of fear, where people are lead to their death by Spirit Mother and never found. Suwannee is overcome with emotion the day she sees the ghost coming for her across her yard, for the ghost has taken her grandfather, father, and brother, and she is afraid she'll be next. But as suddenly as the ghost appeared, it vanishes. Later that night, Suwannee realizes she could be pregnant, from one HUGE mistake…sleeping with her Ex, Michael, three months ago.

Now, Suwannee just wants to leave the swamp and never return, but she has nowhere to go, and no one to go with besides Derry, Michael’s best friend, and the closest thing he has to a brother. Derry just can’t leave Michael, no matter what, even despite the strong feelings and emotions, as well as the fact that the Derry and Suwannee have finally given into their sexual desires for one another.

But when Derry leaves Suwannee after their first night truly together, Suwannee has a dream. She dreams of finding a medallion, and then being chased through the swamp by a big panther. And as the panther stops, Suwannee tries to take the medallion off from around her neck, only to find that the harder she pulls, the more it tightens….is it more than just a dream?

What neither Derry nor Suwannee know though, is that Michael knows that there is more going on between the two of the them than a simple friendship. He sees the kind words, the simple touches, and the playful laughter when Derry and Suwannee are in public. But Michael has yet to find out just how far these two have taken things, and to Michael, Suwannee has always, and will always be his, no matter what…forever. And he will stop at nothing to prove that fact to Suwannee…

But everyone, especially Michael, has bigger problems than Derry and Suwannee’s relationship. Michael has found Spirit Mother and awoken her ancient, evil, and wild magic. Michael doesn’t know that he is now under Spirit Mother’s spell, and now he must do her bidding…

This is only the beginning! There is more to come from Adra Steia in the way of Michael, Derry, and Suwannee! Adra Steia has crafted amazingly real characters, with a very fluid storyline. You will find yourself not wanting to put down Swamp Baby! You have romance and horror, all rolled up nicely together. This is perfect for Halloween, or any other time of the year! I know I can’t wait for what happens after Swamp Baby, and you won’t be able to either!

Rogues and Romance

Swamp Baby is a Rogues and Romance Must-Read! This book deserves special recognition for an outstanding story, characters, and writing.

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*Heat Rating:3- Cupid’s Ardor Arrow
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Violence Rating: *5- Poison Arrow
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Official Blurb:

Suwannee lives in mortal fear of the swamp that borders her home. Generations of her family have been lost in the depths. Every night it calls to her, beckons her. Although her best friend Derry promises he won’t let anything ever happen to her, she wonders if she’ll ever be free of the deadly swamp’s siren song.

Michael loves the swamp with a passion, one that rivals that for his ex-wife. While she cowers in the shadow of the wetlands, he embraces it. When a vicious entity offers him an unimaginable power, he
seizes it, despite the horrible sacrifice he must make.

Before Michael can help Spirit-Mother claim Suwannee, something else from the swamp does. Derry and Michael join forces to rescue Suwannee from the horrors of Hertley’s Swamp, but will Derry be strong enough to defy his brother and save the woman he’s come to love?

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