Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Catherine Chernow Guest Blog!

Wow! We are too excited to have our very first guest blogger here, Catherine Chernow. She is the author of the fabulous recent release Lady in White, which received some high compliments from Denise!! Find out all about this wonderful author and her spooky new Bride's Inn series- and just in time for Halloween! Without further ado- Catherine Chernow!!!

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A haunted inn nestled on the cliffs lining the rocky northern coastline of Long Island… characters with mysterious pasts…strong-willed heroines…alpha-male heroes that will leave your body tingling, and your senses aroused…a strange apparition…and enough sensual, erotic romance that will turn you on without turning you off to a fantastic story when you read LADY IN WHITE, TIGER’S EYE, MAGIC MAN and GHOST SEEKER. Four spooky, sizzling stories that are part of ‘Bride’s Inn’ – available from

My name is Catherine Chernow, and I’m thrilled to be a featured Halloween author here at R&R this month. Check out the dynamite review that LADY IN WHITE received from R&R. LADY IN WHITE is the first story in my haunting ‘Bride’s Inn’ series of paranormal erotic romance available from Resplendence Publishing.

Check this out! LADY IN WHITE also received 3 stars from Romantic Times! Here’s what the reviewer at Romantic Times had to say about LADY IN WHITE…"Book one in the Bride's Inn series is a ghostly tale that provides a quick escape. It has a good plot, and the setting is vividly describedan unexpected twist at the end provides a satisfying conclusion." Resplendence Publishing has a super ad in the November issue of Romantic Times featuring LADY IN WHITE.

I’m thrilled to be writing the ‘Bride’s Inn’ series of paranormal, erotic romance for Resplendence Publishing. TIGER’S EYE is the second book in the series (it’s available now for preorder at Resplendence Publishing and will be available for sale this December). MAGIC MAN is the third book in the series, followed by GHOST SEEKER – and these two titles will be available soon. Make sure you log on to the contest page at because I’ve got a great contest going on now until December 31st. Details are posted there.

I love a good ghost story – and I’m fascinated with the paranormal. When I was a kid (okay, so that was many, many moons ago! LOL), I read Shirley Jackson’s THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE. Talk about being scared! Yikes. The hair rose on the back of my neck and the more I read, the more frightened I became…

Think I love scary stuff? I do! And a great ghost story is what you’ll get when you read LADY IN WHITE. Would you like to meet Seth Masters, the rogue, alpha-male hero of my ‘Bride’s Inn’ series? Then log onto and check him out. Sigh…he makes my heart race. Feel free to blog with Seth on his myspace page. LADY IN WHITE is Seth & Serena’s story, but at, it’s all about Seth’s feelings. He’s got lots to say – about himself, and the heroine of LADY IN WHITE, the fiery-haired Serena – a lady with her own mysterious past.

This October is Frightful Fun at my Yahoo! Group,

The fun goes on all month long as I post the Halloween question of the week – we have some crazy chats going. I’ve got a contest happening too, so if you participate in the Halloween Question of the Week, you’ll be entered into a drawing where you’ll be eligible to win some great prizes from Details are posted at

I love to chat with readers & authors. I love meeting new people. I’m participating in a chat today (Tues. Oct. 23rd) with lots of other ResplendencePublishing authors at
Fallen Angel Review Chatters

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Catch me there beginning at 5 p.m., EST (Eastern Standard Time). You could win a free download of LADY IN WHITE or TIGER’S EYE!

My family’s precious to me, my hubby and two grown children are the light of my life, and writing romance, is the spark that makes it all work right. I’ve been writing since I was a kid – ever since I could grasp a pencil between my stubby little fingers. I entertained classmates, friends and family with my stories, and now, I get to share them with everyone – I get to share them with you!

A violin’s sweet song echoes a love profound…what happens when a world-renowned violinist shares a night of passion with a mysterious stranger – and leaves her prized possession, a rare, one-of-a-kind violin, in a bar? MASTRODDI’S MAGIC is a tale of erotic romance with a paranormal twist, as a tall Texan from the wrong side of the tracks, and a talented, classical violinist discover the secrets of the MASTRODDI’S MAGIC. When murder, deception and tragedy strike, will the MASTRODDI’S MAGIC be enough to mend their broken hearts and lives?

MASTRODDI’S MAGIC is a full-length, single-title, contemporary romance, paired with a paranormal plot. MASTRODDI’S MAGIC will be available soon from Resplendence Publishing

Read great excerpts and have some fun at,

Check out the hot, hunky Seth at Read the entire first chapter of LADY IN WHITE at and read my bio and have a spooky good time at (check out my ‘Paranormal Party’ page!).

I’ve had a wonderful time blogging here at R&R…I enjoyed it so much. Now, I bid you goodbye, but not for long…for the paranormal fun has just begun.

Spook to you later!

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Catherine- Thank you so much for your wonderful blog! We really enjoyed finding out more about your new series, and all the great places we can find you on the web! We already know Lady in White is awesome, and we can't wait to read Tiger's Eye in December!

Readers- Thank you for joining us! Be sure and read Denise's review for Lady in White, and then go treat yourself to a copy! Be sure to come back and let us know what you think!

Happy Reading!
Dee and Mandy
Rogues and Romance


Catherine Chernow said...

Hi Dee! Hi Mandy!

And hello readers. I had a blast blogging at Rogues and Romance and I hope you all learned something about me.

Happy Haunting...

from Catherine Chernow

Aleka said...

Hey Dee and Mandy,
Thanks for having Catherine on. I enjoyed today's blog.

Denise said...

Hi ladies, thanks for stopping by! We were more than glad to have you guestblogging with us Catherine!
Aleka: I'm glad to hear you enjoyed today's blog so much! That's really great to hear. :-)
Thanks to both of you for the very kind words!!