Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our first post, yay!

Hello all! Before I posted our first review, I wanted to let everyone know why we decided to start Rogues and Romance. Well, first off, Mandy and I both love the Paranormal Romance genre, we love reading, hearing about it, meeting authors, and the like. It's taken us awhile to get up and running to where we are actually posting, and it will probably take still longer before the site is where we want it to be. I'll be posting our first book review after this post, but we hope to have author's interviewing with us as well as blogging with us sometime in the near future. From there, we'll only have more ideas! So, I hope you enjoy it!



mamie said...

hey, i don't read any books from this genre, but i really like your reviews. They give great detail to the plot and i will def. pick one up. Probably the first one, it looks good. Anyhoo, great job.

Greg said...

A very, very nice looking web site and I plan to send it out to all my friends. We are always looking for good books to read and its nice to see your reviews and what you have to say about the book and the writer. Keep up the good work!

Mandy Leigh B. said...

Thank you both so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Mamie- thank you for your compliments on our reviews- we definitely try our best! I think if you gave one a try, you would really like the genre.

Greg- I really appreciate you saying our site looks nice. We don't have very much knowledge about html or computers in general, and we really worked hard to make it how we wanted it. Thank you so much for reading our reviews and for telling your friends- that is so awesome!

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