Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Quest into the Forbidden by Vanessa N. Gilfoy

Okay, I'm a bit out of order here, as this is the third book in Vanessa Gilfoy's New Pangaea series and I last reviewed the FIRST book, Masquerade of the Cursed King. If you didn't catch my review of Masquerade, be sure and take a peek, and definitely go and check out Vanessa's guest blog with us and find out more about her vision for New Pangaea.

This story especially really drew me into the world of New Pangaea. I found myself going over the timelines of all the stories to place the events, and of course visiting Ms. Gilfoy’s website and checking out her awesome New Pangaea section. It was then I realized how really captivating this series is- you really can’t help wanting to know more, and thinking about it long after you’re finished reading.


Quest Into the Forbidden
Vanessa N. Gilfoy
Ellora's Cave
ISBN #9781419914003
Available Now
Fantasy Erotic Romance

Holt, king of Gildon, is a self-assured warrior who has traveled to elven land seeking the final treaty in his quest for peace with the elven kingdoms- peace on paper, anyway. He is already in a precarious position entering elven land: humans are shot on sight. But nothing compares to the trouble he finds when he comes across Ceres: an elven princess who recognizes him as her fated, and a woman he can‘t resist. Though it is forbidden for elves and humans to mate, their hearts and bodies refuse to let them deny one another. But if Ceres’ father, the king, were to find out, he would force them apart and the sound of the uneasy peace shattering would pale in comparison to the shattering of their hearts…

Vanessa Gilfoy has enraptured me once again, this time with the third book in her New Pangaea series. Quest in the Forbidden is a bit different than the first two books in that the story focuses on the hero’s point of view, where the preceding books centered more on the heroine. Ms. Gilfoy really impressed me with her ability to expertly walk the fine line between making the heroine mysterious and magical, but still inspiring empathy from the reader. While we do get bits of the story from Ceres’ perspective, for a good part of the story her thoughts and motives are a mystery, making her “feel” like even more the ethereal and enigmatic elven princess that she is. There is no question however, that Holt is willing to go up against an entire race for her, and does. Besides exciting action and intense romance, one of the best parts of the story is the personal growth both characters go through because of their love for each other. Ceres starts following her heart, and quits hiding who she is, and Holt learns the meaning of true sacrifice: self-sacrifice. Vanessa Gilfoy really outdid herself not only with Quest Into the Forbidden, but with every book in her New Pangaea series, and I can only hope and wait for more!

-Mandy Briggs
Rogues and Romance

Heat Rating: *4- Cupid's Aphrodisiac

Violence Rating: *4- Fire Arrow

Quest into the Forbidden book trailer from Vanessa Gilfoy on Vimeo.

Official Blurb:
All he needs is one more treaty to wash away his bloody past and achieve his golden reign. But when King Holt Duran stumbles upon an elven princess bathing in enchanted waters, he stands to lose all he's accomplished. He knows it's wrong. Intimacy between elves and humans is forbidden but how can he resist her dewy skin and goddess-like body?

Ceres shouldn't want him but his boyish charms tempt her for a taste. If she could hide him away, she'd enjoy him again and again.





Happy Reading!


Vanessa N. Gilfoy said...

Thank you, Mandy! I'm thrilled you liked it.

I loved writing Quest into the Forbidden, and there are definitely many more New Pangaea novels to come. :)

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