Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Summoner by Alisha Steele

The Summoner is a really wonderful novel, and the first recipient (and inspiration) for the Rogues and Romance Erotic Must-Read Award. If you're a romance reader, especially erotic romance, then there's probably a couple of books that have an intimate scene or scenes that really stick out to you. For me, this was one of those books. So what are the criteria for receiving the Erotic Must-Read Award? A captivating, flowing plot, characters you'll love, and unforgettable sex scenes. Which is why The Summoner is a recipient!

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The Summoner
Alisha Steele
Aphrodite's Apples
364 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance

Alex first had the dream when she was a child: she’s in a dark, terrifying place where mysterious voices call to her. Then life starts imitating dreams, and she hears the same voices in the dark of night, calling her name, and calling her- Summoner? One night when her dream returns, she’s had enough, and calls out to the voices that are plaguing her. But the answer she gets is not quite what she expected…

Kasdeya is a fallen angel living out a thousand year sentence in the wastelands. If he could just get the Summoner to set him free, he could live out the rest of his sentence on Earth, and with a little luck, his punisher will never know the difference. But the Summoner knows nothing of her abilities, which is actually a blessing, because now all he has to do is seduce her and convince her she needs him there on Earth.

But convincing Alex is going to be a lot harder than he thought. She’s only just learned of her powers, and she’s not exactly warming up to the idea of summoning a fallen angel to her world. But if there’s one thing Kasdeya doesn’t mind, it’s a challenge, and the one thing Alex does seem to be warming up to is him. Unfortunately for him, the feeling is not one-sided!

The Summoner is one of those books that sounds fantastic, but still seems to come out of nowhere and become one of your favorites. This is a phenomenal paranormal erotic that has as much sex as story, and both are equally captivating. Kasdeya is one of the hottest characters ever, one of those that you’ll be dreaming about long after you’ve finished the book. Alex is a heroine you will love for her kind heart, and empathize with for her “dilemma”- while still being jealous of her, of course! Besides stand-out main characters, you will meet some surprising supporting characters that you will not be able to forget either! Alisha Steele writes a story that will excite you with every page- in more ways than one! The story is fresh and exciting, and those phenomenal sex scenes will get your blood pumping! While some sex scenes are extra-kinky, erotic romance lovers will find them extra-sexy and completely appropriate to the characters. I can’t say enough about Alisha Steele’s The Summoner- it’s one wickedly wild ride!

Rogues and Romance

The Summoner is awarded our Rogues and Romance Erotic Must-Read for outstanding story, characters, and sex scenes!

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Heat Rating:
*5- Cupid's Whole Quiver!
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Violence rating: *3- Steel-Tipped Arrow
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Official Blurb:

Warning, this book contains: M/F/M and F/F/M threesomes, spanking/light BDSM and hot steamy sex in graphic language.

A High Prince of Hell...

Mortals – God’s perfect playthings – this fallen angel hates them all.

But when Kasdeya finds himself facing a thousand-year prison sentence, he has no choice but to call on the one woman who can set him free. The Summoner.

The plan is simple: Seduce the little wench and convince her to summon him to Earth. No problem. If only she wasn’t so argumentative, so intelligent… if only she wasn’t so damned sexy.

The Summoner...

Ever since she was a child, Alex has heard voices calling to her in the dark. Alexandra, they whisper. Summoner...

One day, she answers.

When Alex realizes she has the unique ability to summon demons, she’s horrified. There’s no way she’s going to set one of them free on Earth to wreak God knows what kind of havoc. No way! If only he wasn’t so beautiful, so persuasive…if only he wasn’t so damned sexy.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy,

I found the review, as you can see. :) One pesky extra period and I'm all confused. Lol.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the wonderful write up. I'm blown away to be the recipient of your very first 'Erotic Must Read Award,' and feel very honored.



Anonymous said...

lol I liked the "if only she wasn't so damned sexy" it cracked me up.